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We have three options for transportation...

- Ground transport which we only do to the east coast and as far as Texas. Ground transport is normally right around $450-500. It just depends on who we get to deliver each ground transporter has different price points and ways of doing things.

- Pet Nanny Service. That is where someone flies with the pup to an airport near you and that depends on the nanny that does the service it's right around $600 may be more it just depends on the location and flights. 

- Airline Transport where the pup flies by themselves. It ranges right about $575 and that includes a crate and the health cert fee. It might be more it just depends on the weight that the pup is at the time.

- And if you happen to be across the lake from us in WI. If the ferry is open at the time we can send them across to you on the SS Badger. It's about $200 total with crate, fare, and health cert.

- We also offer local delivery. That price depends on your location of course. But it's normally about $125 anywhere in the Lower Penisula of MI. $150-$200 to the UP. And then for nearby states just depends on the miles and gas prices at the time but expect anywhere from $200-$400.


- Anytime we transport even within our state we are required to get that puppy a health certificate for transport. If the pup is due for a Rabies at the time we get the health certificate than that shot is included with the health Cert. So for a health cert it's about $75. The health certificate is just a basic checkup from the vet stating the puppy is health for travel.  

- We have never had any harm come to the pups during transport. We only use ground transporters that we know and have been using for several years. And for the Airline shipping it's actually easier on the pup because it's a quicker smoother ride than a car. So with any of these options in all the years we have been doing it we have never had any major issues. 

- Please note these are just quotes to give you a round about idea of the cost so to get an exact cost call or email with your location. 

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