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- We can hold a specific pup for you with a down payment.

- A deposit will secure a specific puppy for you. If you don't do a deposit that's fine too however do note that if you do not have a deposit down then we are not holding the puppies for you so in that case, you would just want to give a call the day of to confirm that the puppy is still available to see.

- We can take a card for a deposit either over the phone or we would send an invoice to your email.

- The deposit is non-refundable as once we take a deposit down we are holding the puppy for you when we could've placed it with someone else. So if you change your mind or can no longer get the pup the deposit is non-refundable as we have re-advertising fees and could've sold it to someone else. However, on our end, if we are unable to sell you the pup for some reason then we would of course refund the deposit. We try to treat people fair we ask that they do the same.

- If you need delivery the puppy is required to be paid for in full before leaving. We normally start with a deposit first and then arrange for transportation and then take the puppy to the vet for a health certificate before leaving. And payment is required sometime after going to the vet and before leaving.

- If you are picking up in person for payment we DO NOT accept any types of checks. And we normally do Cash for the balance. If we absolutely need to we can do a card for the balance. If we do a card for the balance there is a 3 percent charge. The reason cash is King is that we live out in the country and so the card option is not always dependable because if we don't have service at the time you're here we can't run the card at the time. So Cash is preferred for convenience sake. 

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