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Adoption Process:

- If the pup is not ready to leave yet then...


1. You can reserve one with a down payment.

2. Or you can call when the pups are ready to go and if we have any available at that time make arrangements to see them then. 


- We DO NOT show the pups before they are ready to go for disease purposes. As they have not had all of their shots yet and are very susceptible to picking things up at a young age. So the soonest that we will show them is when they are ready to go 8 weeks of age. 

- Pickup is pretty simple we have paperwork for you to sign and fill out at pickup and then you can take your new addition home. 

- We always say prepare for the ride home these pups are not used to long car rides and can get motion sickness so bring cleanup supplies a crate or towels for the ride back. 

- We don't schedule pickup until closer to the pickup date as we don't know what our schedule is like until closer to then. 

- If you are needing delivery we would start with a deposit on the puppy then make arrangements for a health certificate required for travel and make arrangements for transport. We would email you the contract to fill out via email. And after the puppy goes to the vet and before the puppy leaves payment would be due so for example say the puppy leaves on a Friday then final payment would be due Thursday. 

-For picking up in person we don't give our address out until the day of unless you have a deposit down. The reason for this is because in the past I used to give the address out and would tell folks to make sure they call the day of to confirm the puppy is still available and confirm they were still coming. And we would have folks that would forget to call and confirm the pup was available or that they were coming and sometimes we had sold the pup. We also would get folks that would make an appointment for example Saturday and then they never called so they aren't coming right? That's what you would think, but instead they would show up Sunday unannounced. 

We are not a store we don't have set hours. That I believe is a misunderstanding of why folks would show up whenever unannounced. So this is why unless you have a deposit down we will not give out the address until the day of so that we have confirmation you will be coming that day and you have confirmation that the puppy you want to see is still available that day.

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