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About Our Dogs:

-If you scroll to the bottom of each puppies page you can see photos of the parents a little bio too. 

- Most of our dogs have had either DNA or OFA health tests if they have had any health tests it will be in their bio below their photos. 

- Sometimes we stud out our male dogs to select females. We don't offer stud service to the general public only folks we know. So some of the litters we may own both mom and dad and some litters we may just own the dad. And sometimes we may take our female to a different male to get bred very rarely does that happen, but sometimes we may just own mom and someone else owns dad. 

- For the health of our dogs we have never had any major health problems. We select the dogs that we bring into our breeding program very carefully. Or we may keep pups back out of our own stock. 

- Some of our dogs we let go with breeding rights others we may not it just depends on the bloodlines. Some of our bloodlines we have worked hard to get and spent many $$$ getting so we don't always let our bloodlines go out for breeding. 

- All of our dogs and our pups are raised around kids so good personalities are a must! Kids range in age from 3years old and up. 

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